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Ok so once again.... I haven't been here.
My bad

This time, I do have an Actual decent reason for my absence.
I couldn't use my hand for a few weeks, because it got bitten by a 3 legged dog named Byron.

Byron was a rescue dog, he'd been bred in a backyard, and didn't have the best upbringing.
His last owners were getting rid of him because they were pregnant and preparing to move countries.
Byron wasn't aggressive because he was a bad dog. He was aggressive because its what he grew to know.
He never got the chance to adapt to a family life, because he'd been passed around by multiple people
But he'd finally found a happy home with two people and their other dog. and he was going to protect that.
Byron didn't maliciously attack me as he was accused of doing. He defended the smallest member of his new pack
I wish there was a way we could have harnessed his strengths to give him a home where his actions were accepted.
But the vets told us, that because he had bitten me, he couldn't be re-homed. And so the day after Byron was put to sleep.
I just want to quickly say Rest in Peace Byron, I'm sorry we couldn't help you.

Honestly what sucks about all of this is how I had to go back to work pretty much straight away.
I was made to go back to work 2 days after my incident because we are so understaffed, even though the doctor told me to rest my hand for a week.
Do you know how many customers asked me if I'd caught myself with a knife?
At least 3. And I was like..... there are 2 reasonably sized gashes on my hand, some smaller puncture wounds and a few bruises around my knuckles.... did you think I was holding two knives? Or did you think I messed up twice? Like how do you look at how messed up my hand is, and think "a knife did that"
Also if you see someone has an injured hand and can't bend their fingers to pick up coins, don't be a jerk and lay the coins down. Put them in the palm of their outstretched hand, hell just do that anyway, it makes the whole thing go faster.
I'm starting to think customer service isn't for me, I just get so angry at people. and want to high five their face

All in all, I'm learning to cope. And I will have some gnarly scars on my hand once its all healed up.
So I'd say I'm doing okay.
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Great, on school camp. Ihopeyourrmemberme
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:iconnobutyllamaplz: awesome =) Thank you and you are welcome :)
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Always Have Eachother by nevaeh-lee <3
and because I liked the black colored guy so much I cut him out and made him his own thing as well XD..
Always have eachother1 
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Thank you so much for this, I love it to bits!
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